Red Langenberg - 2015

Clos des Aubépines Range

(bouteille de 75cl)
LABEL-PRICE : 20,70 €

The Red Langenberg reveals an intense nose with hints of vanilla and mashed strawberries. The mouth is fleshy with good lenght and smooth tannins. On the finish, the savors are delicately enhanced by menthol hints. 

A.O.C. Alsace Communal - St Hippolyte Contenance : 75cl Degré d'alcool : 14,5°
Cépages : Pinot Noir Tannicité : 8/10
Température de service : entre 8 et 12°C Temps de garde : entre 15 et 20 ans

Ideas of food pairing: Our taste buds were delighted with parings as red meet, game or meat fondue, but give your creativity free rein and suprise yourself.   

Description of the Terroir : The «Clos des Aubépines» is a very particular soil which is brown with a granitic substrate (granitic composition - mica, quartz and feldspaths). 
It is a composition of eruptive rocks that crack and crumble to shape rough sand (called granitic arena) with light water retention. The granite degradation level is quite advanced, which allows the release of mineral elements. 
This terroir offers lively, expressive and acidulous' wines. They are very delicate and often go along with a sensation of salinity on finish.

Harvest and Vinification: Hand pickings with grape sorting and selection. Destem and transfer into maceration tank for an alcoholic fermentation of 10 to 20 days. Slow and progressive pressing and then a malolactic fermentation (transformation of malic acid to lactic acid). Growing on thin sediments up to 15 months. Bottling into an Alsace flute and use of a long cork allowing a better preservation, coeur de liege extra nature (center of cork) no treatment.