Pinot Gris Old Vines - 2015

Creation and Terroir Range

(bouteille de 75cl)
LABEL-PRICE : 10,70 €

This Pinot Gris Old Vines owns an expressive nose with smoky and ripe white fruit hints. In mouth, this wine is generous and opulent.

A.O.C. Alsace Lieu-dit Langenberg Contenance : 75cl Degré d'alcool : 13°
Cépages : Pinot Gris Sucrosité : 4/10
Température de service : entre 8 et 12°C Temps de garde : 7 à 10 ans

Ideas of food pairing: Our taste buds were delighted with parings as exotic meals, kougelopf, sweet and salty or foie gras, but give your creativity free rein and suprise yourself.   

Description of the Terroir : From the place called "Bruchwegreben", old vines older than 45 years. A silicious soil and a clay and marny underground give power and richness to these noble wines.

Harvest and Vinification: Capacity of 6800 litres per hectar. Hand picking with grape sorting and selection. A slow and progressive press is quickly done. Flow of the must by gravity. Natural cold clearing. Alcoholic indigenous fermentation regulated between 18°C and 20°C. Growing on thin sediments for several months before a bottling into an Alsace flute. Traditional cork.